What is your view of God?

Hand raised in worship

Continuing our series of blog posts as an introduction to worship…

People have many different ideas about what God is like because how we view God can be influenced by things like;

  • What we’ve experienced. All of us can be at the same event but we can each feel very differently about it. For example we could all go on a roller coaster ride and while you might enjoy the exhilaration, the twists and turns, the feeling of being out of control and going along for the ride, I might be scared witless, and trying hard not to throw up!
    The ride itself is the same for each of us (the path and mechanics of the ride is exactly the same) but the way we each experience if can be totally different. As human beings we can have the same things happen to us – but our response to them is very different and therefore how we view God in the light of those experiences will be very different and can significantly affect (even sub-consciously) how we choose to view Him.
  • What we’ve heard others say. I’ve been a Christian for nearly 30 years and I have heard a lot of sermons! These have both informed and challenged my walk with God. I have agreed and disagreed with some of the things I have heard. In some cases I have changed my mind about things I thought and some things have stayed the same since I gave my life to Jesus, but each has made me consider who God is to me, and therefore informed my thinking about who HE is.
  • What we’ve discovered for ourselves. Over the years I read books, studied and discovered lots of stuff about who God is that has again challenged and changed and informed my understanding.
  • What we’ve read in the Bible. The ultimate understanding of who the God we worship is has to come from His word, His revelation of Himself to us through the Bible.

Next time, we’ll take a look at some of what the Bible tells us about who God is…