God is passionate about you

Hand raised in worship

Continuing our series of blog posts as an introduction to worship…

Psalm 45 v 10 – 11 says

Now listen daughter don’t miss a word; forget your counrty put your home behind you. Be here – the King is wild for you. Since he is your Lord, adore him.

Worship is a matter of the heart. It’s about our heart response to God. In 1 John 4:19 the writer observes that we love God because He first loved us. He is the initiator of our relationship with Him. We are responders to His goodness, grace, mercy, kindness & faithfulness.

Worship is the focus of passion; whatever gets our attention gets our worship…

Everybody worships; on Saturdays people go to their local shopping centres and worship at the temples of ‘retail therapy’. In the UK we worship not only at these temples but at bigger temples called football stadiums. Temples don’t have to be big they can be your tablet computer, the car you just bought…..what I’m says is EVERYONE worships something!

Jesus isn’t coming for a Bride that is not ready and not wanting Him; He’s not coming for a grubby Bride. He MUST be the focus of our worship and our passion.

Worship should increase our passion for God because as we worship we start to understand that there is so much of Him to see; so much more to know…..

So how can we increase our passion for Him? Well, I once heard it put like this;

First of all we need Vision

Vision produces Passion
Vision & Passion work together to produce Discipline
Vision, Passion and Discipline together provide a safe environment in which we can take risks

But if you get that out of balance, things go wrong…

Risk without Discipline leads to Recklessness
Discipline without Passion produces Legalism
Passion without Vision is merely hype
And Vision without Jesus is meaningless.

What does this mean? Well if we have a correct vision of who God is and who he has made us to be; what we are saved from and into; how He loves us, then we will grow in our passion for Him.

As we grow in our passion we will want to do the things He asks us to – not out of legalism but out of His great love for us and our love for Him (remember He is the initiator and we are the responders).

In this environment of love and safety we will be more ready and confident to step out in faith be that in worshipping together with other believers, or on our own; in our daily lives.