Helen leading worship at Detling 2010I’ve been a worship team member in church since I joined the local church choir at the tender age of 6. Even though I could barely see over the pew in front I’m told that I was certainly heard, if not seen and this early experience may have contributed to my determination to be an ‘active worshipper’.

Qualified to grade 8 in singing, I am currently studying for a diploma in singing teaching and also play guitar and keyboards.

I head up the worship team (and am a regular worship leader) at my  home church.

I have been in the worship band for the summer celebration at the Detling showground since it started and a regular worship leader there too.

You can hear me on a number of albums (including recordings from Detling) and I’ve written a number of worship songs (several of which have appeared on those and other albums).

Since March 2011 I have been working at Computers 4 Africa (prior to that I worked for People Without Limits, the people behind ‘Detling’).

You can find more information about me on my website (www.helengallagher.com)…